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Experimental film


A realistic fiction series by Irinel Anghel & Alexandru Claudiu Maxim


Episode 1 It’s ok to lose your head


Episode 2 …waiting…


Episode 3 5 hours of relaxing baby noises


Episode 4 Dinner will never be served again


Episode 5 Mating Rituals (Nude art is in trouble)


Episode 6 Put yourself in Cinderella’s shoe


Episode 7 Concert for wolves and a human body


Episode 8 Lovely night, oh, night of love


Episode 9 Life is a loop, a loop, a loop, a loop, a loop


Episode 10 No comment


Performers: Alexandra Dascălu, Valentina Iordache, Reka Csapo Dup, Alina Tofan, Alexandru Claudiu Maxim, Beaver, Darie Nemeș Bota, Matei Gheorghe, Irinel Anghel


Music by: Irinel Anghel, R. Leoncavallo, Ph. Glass, R. Wagner, Gesualdo da Venosa, W.A. Mozart, F. Schubert, Ludwig van Beethoven, J. Offenbach, G.F. Handel, G. Verdi


Camera director, video editing: Alexandru Claudiu Maxim


Creative director, sound arrangements: Irinel Anghel


The situation we are living in 2020 is similar to a black box. We know what comes in, we don’t know what’s going on inside and what comes out of there. This is how we caused the filming of a limited space, a restricted space, where 7 performers are challenged between reality and captive fiction, to extort various emotions or have gone through various situations. We didn’t know at that time how “actual” they would become some hypostases in the next period.
Patience is being tested. Isolation, distance, lack of prospects, the fact that our life seems to have unfilled holes makes us impatient and therefore uneasy.  It’s like we all stand up waiting for “tomorrow” to make sense.



Irinel Anghel, Romanian composer, vocal performer, interdisciplinary artist (b. 1969, Bucharest, Romania). She attended the Georges Enesco Music Lycée, Bucharest, specialising in piano (1988), and the National University of Music, Bucharest, specialising in musicology (1994) and then composition (1996). She has Master’s Degrees in Musicology (1995) and Composition (1997) and was awarded a PhD in Musical Studies in 2003. She is a graduate of the National University of Music’s MIDAS postdoctoral programme. Her output as a composer includes instrumental pieces, chamber music, electronic music, symphonic works, and theatre music. Since 2008, she has dedicated her career to interdisciplinary, hybrid, fusion and performance art. Her “crossing-borders” projects (Magic, Shopping in ParadoXphere, Talking to my Fears, Fairies and Fishes, It’s all about me or the Day From Midnight, Your Highness, What about your freedom?, ArtSpa, MMMuzMobil, Posthumanism, Zoopera, Ghostphony) have initiated and developed a personal direction based on spontaneity and provocative attitudes, whereby Irinel Anghel continuously explores and extends her imagination and means of expression by employing combinations of movement, theatre and singing/spoken word. She is an advocate of experiential art with surrealist and post-humanist detents. Irinel Anghel is a winner of the Prize of the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists (1998, 1999, 202, 2004, 2014, 2017) and the Romanian Academy’s Georges Enesco Prize (1999). From 2010 to 2012, Irinel Anghel was the artistic director of International New Music Week.

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Alexandru Claudiu Maxim (b. 1990, Onești, Romania) • Visual artist, performer • Member of Pastila Roz Group

Works • Art Safari: “Young blood” (2019) • NeoNlitic#4” (2019) • NeoNlitic#3” (2019) • Pastila Roz: „The resolution will be supervised” (2019) • Pastila Roz: “Deadline. Hotline?”, set design and video installation (2019) • Pastila Roz: “Love Frequency 628 HZ”, set design for performance art, (2018) • NeoNlitic#2” (2018) • “NeoNlitic” (2018) • “365 days&nights” (2018) • Pastila Roz: “Noaptea caselor #5” (2018) • MORA Emerging 2018, photo & video section • “Pastila Roz TV” – multimedia installation, (2018) • Phantom Power – Postnegru – experimental film 2018 · Dog Day Afternoon (live video) (2018) · Pastila Roz: „Hyperpink” – multimedia installation (2017)

Performance art · Dollcore Doll-Hall in Doll Moll by Irinel Anghel (2019) · Xolinde, SFolinde, LOLinde by Irinel Anghel (2018) · GHostphony) by Irinel Anghel – (2018) · Ziua cu trei ceasuri altfel by Irinel Anghel (2017) · Zoopera by Irinel (2017)

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