Irinel Anghel


Crossing borders performances with/by Irinel Anghel



Magic (for a pianist inside the piano, guitar player, a non-professional singer inside a fitness machine and live video) – “Ion Dacian” National Music Theatre (2008)


Talking to my fears (for vocal performer and electric guitar) – “Ion Dacian” National Music Theatre (2009)


121Vortando (for a sound performer and Moog guitar)  –  Mogosoaia Palace (2010)



Birth Date: 27.03.2010 experimental performance (workshop & performance) – Nicolae Balcescu Cultural Centre



Out of my mind – nonverbal sound theatre (2010) – Nicolae Balcescu Cultural Centre for UNESCO


95LoveBubbleStory (for bubble installation, 2 soundancers, electronics, electric guitar) – International Week of New Music Festival, Cantacuzino Palace (2010)


What’s Real? (experimental improv performance on the roof) – Fabrica Venue (2010)


37Questioning Reality (experimental soundance performance) – Meridian Festival, Cantacuzino Palace (2011)


inner world musicSound Cuisine (experimental sound cooking for 2 soundactors) – International Week of New Music, Mogosoaia Palace (2011)


web 12Velvicia Mirabilis (music by M. Vosganian) (for flute, bassoon, electric guitar and soundancer) – Bucharest Opera House (2011)


No words needed (for vocal performer and guitar) – Mogosoaia Palace (2011)


Meeting on the Moon (for vocal performer, electronics, guitar) – Meridian Festival, Bucharest University of Music (2011)


Mr & Mrs Nobody (for 2 soundactors) – shop window show (experimental sound theatre) – International Week of New Music, “Caminul Artei” Gallery (2012)

De Sublimi Finis
(music & video by C. D. Georgescu) – sound landscape for a woman-illusion (actress, live electronics and video) – International Week of New Music (2012)


E.T Royal Court (Science Fiction Electro-Opera by Irinel Anghel & Sorin Romanescu) – Bucharest, Old Royal Court (2012)


Kaoss Birds in NowHere’sVille (electro-concert show with people and birds) – Bucharest Opera House (2012)


Show for yourself (soundacting & poetry – private performance for one person) – ArtYourself Gallery (2012)


Why Not? (RenaiScienceFiction Chess Game Concert) – Clubul Taranului, InnerSound International New Arts Festival (2012)


There is Life on Venus (Renaisciencefiction sound theatre for a vocal performer / soundactor and live electronics)  – Diesel Club, Cluj-Napoca, Toamna Muzicala Clujeana (2012)


Familia Addams, Teatrul In Culise, 2012


It’s all about me sau Ziua de la Miezul Noptii. Summer Carols on the Beach (movie-concert-show) – Meridian Festival, Bucharest, National University of Music (2012)


Final Intervention (collective performing experience) – National University of Music (2013)


Debaraua cu simţuri – 2014 (Cafeneaua La Mine-n Copac. Bucureşti)


Fairies & Fishes – video performance –  Acvariul Herastrau – SIMN 2013


Around and About Arachneea – video performance – InnerSound New Arts Festival 2013


Sunetul Ceramicii – performance – Noaptea Albă a Galeriilor 2014 – Galeria Galateea


Your Highness  –  performance Sala Radio – Foyer – SIMN 2014


Salata cu Cosmos – performance, ZonaD, 2014


Futuropolis – InnerSound New Arts Festival 2014


LUNA  – Centrul Naţional al Dansului 2014


Butterfly Effect – performance, Inspayer Batistei, 2014


 All Inclusive –  Muzeul Naţional George Enescu – 2014


Aeroportul Oniria – Muzeul Naţional George Enescu, Noaptea Muzeelor 2015


What about your freedom? Scarecrows Parade – Sala Radio, Festivalul Săptămâna Internaţională a Muzicii Noi, 2015


Caged Birds – Freedom in Progress – Unteatru, Maratonul Teatrului Independent, Bucureşti 2015


Rondo Zero  – Concert-instalaţie-experienţă performativă pentru o cameră, Muzexpo 2015


Nefelibata – Clubul Taranului, 2015


Oh, my Godot! – Craiova, 2015, International Festival of Performance Poetry


Un Bilet pentru Tara de Dincolo de Copy/Paste (2016) – performance


 MUZEXPO (2015) – experimental sound expo


Atentat la Bibelouri (2016) – performance


Oamenii-Lalele (2016) – performance


POSTUMANISM (2016) – deranj artistic temporar


Intre-Vederi (2016) – experimental concert


PianoChat cu un Miriapod (2016) – sound improv


Apartamentul lui Barbă Albastră (2016)


Cor de rozătoare (2016)


Flomizile Realității Imperceptibile din Muzeul Somnului (2016)


Zoopera (2017)


ArtSpa (2017)


Aaaaaaaaaaa (2017)


MMM – MuzMobil (2017)


GHostphony (2018)


SSSS (2018)


Micro-fields (2018)


Underground (2018)


Xolinde, SFolinde, LOLinde. Damn you, Autocorrect! (2018)


50 (2019)


Dollcore Doll-hall in Doll Moll (2019)


Natural Born Rebels (2019)


Empatie (2020)


Crossing the Styx (2020)


Zoomeeting with myself (2020)


Black Box (2020)


Ne ne ne ne ne (2020)








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